The New Cold War is not our war.

The New Cold War is not our war

Causality has always been a dilemma for making and judging political decisions. And it is not easy to do in a bipolar and extremely contentious new cold war between Russia and the United States. Be it that the Socialist October Revolution of the Bolschewicki is going for its first century commemoration, the hopes and dreams of working people have not been fulfilled by the restoration of capitalism in Russia. As more light sheds on this historic experience, pieces of the puzzle begin to appear that help us explain the ugly developments of Russia. The imperialist tentacles of an expansive and aggressive oligarchist state are in the active process of reviving and kindling the fire of the cold war. Some of the “left” in the political sphere are being used (and is letting themselves be used!) by Russian propaganda (see “RT”) and systematic disinformation (Bernie Bros) to lower their guard and become blind on one of their antiimperialistic eyes. As accusations flow rapidly: you become labeled of being either a supporter of US war hawks like Hillary Clinton, or you are pinned as a welcome pawn of Putins aggressive expansion.  Either you get rubber stamped as an anti-Russian war mongering US-NATO imperialist or you are a supporter of one of the most despotic and corrupt dictatorships on the planet.  A true anti militaristic peace movement against both superpowers is difficult to find and has a hard time to grow.  It is a new cold war that has emerged and we have to expose that.

I refuse to be used as a pawn in this new cold war!  For me it is neither nor!

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“Progress takes time. Programs formulated by those seeking quick, measurable results seldom live up to expectations. Real change requires patience and commitment.” (R. Bearhorst)

It is your liberty to tell the truth


Taken on the 17th of September, 2016 during a massive demostration against CETA and TTIP in Berlin, Germany with more than 70.000 participants (police count).  The “Statue of Liberty” was confronted with the reality of the Corporate Flag of the USA.

If you ever want to get a flag like this, then contact Adbusters (

Photo by Oli Voelkers.

Tom Hayden on Bernie and Hillary

In his latest newsletter Tom Hayden deals with the split of the Democratic Party and its main presidential candidates Hillary and Bernie.  Although I throroughly respect Toms views on the impact of the Bernie campaign on the future of the politics in our country and the influence it will have on the development of the Democratic Party, I was taken aback by his practical non-commitment to Bernies campaign.  So I started writung down short texts on the essence of his message.  I was shocked at what I wrote about the “Participatory Democrat” Tom Hayden.  I share my notes with you as an introduction.  Perhaps I am wrong and not at the basic message of Tom.  But you can help with that if you like … but, as you see, I am worried.

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Berlin4Bernie – Flyer for Berlin: “Are you Prepared”

Please click on the link for a display of the flyer for Americans in Berlin why and how to support the Democratic nomination of Bernie Sanders … feel the Bern!  Feel free to print it out @Berlin4Bernie

Flyer Are you prepared

Thank you to London4Bernie for your support

Four Socialist Takes on Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism Speech

democracy, working classFour Takes on Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism Speech
Date of Source: Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kshama Sawant on Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism [1]

Sanders spoke today, November 19, at Georgetown University about democratic socialism. Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s Socialist Alternative City Councilmember, responds to his message in this video (see transcript below).

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John Cusack + Arundhati Roy – Conversations with each other and Snowdon and Ellsberg

Things That Can and Cannot Be Said: A Conversation Between John Cusack and Arundhati Roy
Monday, 16 November 2015 00:00
By John Cusack and Arundhati Roy, Outlook | Op-Ed – go to for original

Every nation-state tends towards the imperial – that is the point. Through banks, armies, secret police, propaganda, courts and jails, treaties, taxes, laws and orders, myths of civil obedience, assumptions of civic virtue at the top. Still it should be said of the political left, we expect something better. And correctly. We put more trust in those who show a measure of compassion, who denounce the hideous social arrangements that make war inevitable and human desire omnipresent; which fosters corporate selfishness, panders to appetites and disorder, waste the earth.”—Daniel Berrigan, poet, Jesuit priest.


John Cusack: One morning as I scanned the news – horror in the Middle East, Russia and America facing off in the Ukraine, I thought of Edward Snowden and wondered how he was holding up in Moscow. I began to imagine a conversation between him and Daniel Ellsberg (who leaked the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam war). And then, interestingly, in my imagination a third person made her way into the room – the writer Arundhati Roy. It occurred to me that trying to get the three of them together would be a fine thing to do.

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