John Cusack + Arundhati Roy – Conversations with each other and Snowdon and Ellsberg

Things That Can and Cannot Be Said: A Conversation Between John Cusack and Arundhati Roy
Monday, 16 November 2015 00:00
By John Cusack and Arundhati Roy, Outlook | Op-Ed – go to for original

Every nation-state tends towards the imperial – that is the point. Through banks, armies, secret police, propaganda, courts and jails, treaties, taxes, laws and orders, myths of civil obedience, assumptions of civic virtue at the top. Still it should be said of the political left, we expect something better. And correctly. We put more trust in those who show a measure of compassion, who denounce the hideous social arrangements that make war inevitable and human desire omnipresent; which fosters corporate selfishness, panders to appetites and disorder, waste the earth.”—Daniel Berrigan, poet, Jesuit priest.


John Cusack: One morning as I scanned the news – horror in the Middle East, Russia and America facing off in the Ukraine, I thought of Edward Snowden and wondered how he was holding up in Moscow. I began to imagine a conversation between him and Daniel Ellsberg (who leaked the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam war). And then, interestingly, in my imagination a third person made her way into the room – the writer Arundhati Roy. It occurred to me that trying to get the three of them together would be a fine thing to do.

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by Victor Grossman – Berlin Bulletin No. 102, November 3 2015
How the world changes! Last spring many Europeans, especially Greeks, were so angry at a tight-fisted, cruel Angela Merkel and her acceptance of people’s sufferings that they scribbled Hitler mustaches on her public portraits. Only weeks later she was celebrated around the continent, indeed the world, as a symbol of generosity and humanity. Which judgement is correct, that until July or that since late August? Is she a Frau Scrooge – or a reincarnated Mother Teresa?
What defies any clear appraisal is the on-going wavering of her government, her party and herself! The German political scene is in turmoil, with echoes all over Europe! Such turbulence has on occasion opened the way to healthy change. Now, in my view, it can lead to great dangers.

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Twelve Nobel Peace Laureates Call Upon Obama For Full Torture Disclosure – by Jon Queally

Twelve Nobel Peace Laureates Call Upon Obama For Full Torture Disclosure
Through Portside Moderator on October 31, 2014
Author: Jon Queally
[Jon Queally is a staff writer for Common Dreams. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License]
Date of Source:  Monday, October 27, 2014
from Common Dreams

Twelve fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureates have written an open letter to President Barack Obama, urging the 2009 recipient of the award to finally close one of the “dark chapters” of recent U.S. history by first acknowledging, and then rejecting, the “flagrant use of torture and other violations of international law” that have been conducted in the name of “fighting terrorism” since 2001.

Written by the laureates as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee continue to press the White House and CIA on disclosing the findings of their investigation into some of the worst practices of inhumane treatment during the presidency of George W. Bush, the letter argues that the damage done by these acts has been not been isolated to the individual victims of U.S. torture.

“When a nation’s leaders condone and even order torture, that nation has lost its way,” the letter states. “One need only look to the regimes where torture became a systematic practice – from Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany to the French in Algeria, South Vietnam, the Khmer Rouge and others – to see the ultimate fate of a regime so divorced from their own humanity.”

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