The New Cold War is not our war.

The New Cold War is not our war

Causality has always been a dilemma for making and judging political decisions. And it is not easy to do in a bipolar and extremely contentious new cold war between Russia and the United States. Be it that the Socialist October Revolution of the Bolschewicki is going for its first century commemoration, the hopes and dreams of working people have not been fulfilled by the restoration of capitalism in Russia. As more light sheds on this historic experience, pieces of the puzzle begin to appear that help us explain the ugly developments of Russia. The imperialist tentacles of an expansive and aggressive oligarchist state are in the active process of reviving and kindling the fire of the cold war. Some of the “left” in the political sphere are being used (and is letting themselves be used!) by Russian propaganda (see “RT”) and systematic disinformation (Bernie Bros) to lower their guard and become blind on one of their antiimperialistic eyes. As accusations flow rapidly: you become labeled of being either a supporter of US war hawks like Hillary Clinton, or you are pinned as a welcome pawn of Putins aggressive expansion.  Either you get rubber stamped as an anti-Russian war mongering US-NATO imperialist or you are a supporter of one of the most despotic and corrupt dictatorships on the planet.  A true anti militaristic peace movement against both superpowers is difficult to find and has a hard time to grow.  It is a new cold war that has emerged and we have to expose that.

I refuse to be used as a pawn in this new cold war!  For me it is neither nor!

I cannot support the aggressive military build up of the US. It is a continuation of its $ Scheme to control the capital markets of the world by any means possible. Martin Luther King Jr.’s connection of militarism, economic injustice and racism is ringing loud and clear.  The Kremlin wants a part of the action and is dead set on doing so even if they have less means.

The Russians are desperately attempting to militarily protect and expand their spheres of influence. Their asymetric strategy has invested large amounts of energy into Cyberwarfare, their most favorite method, even though they have been experimenting with  it for many years. With their extremely authoritarian and oppressive state apparatus, they have more leverage to get the professional (and criminal) hackers they need. Russia does not have the controversy of data security as you find in the US. Debates between Apple and the NSA do not have their counterparts in Russia.  Notwithstanding the US attempts to project their own cyberwarfare attacks as russian made.  The levels of counterinsurgency are mind boggling.  Thee winner and the loser get to “drop the bomb”.

The imperialist superpowers USA and Russia have been at each others throats many times. One would usually see the vassals of each taking respective sides. So it was in August of 1968 after the Warsaw Pact nations rolled into Czeckoslovakia to crush the “Prague Spring” of Dubćek and Swoboda. The progressive students of Berlin, together with Rudi Dutschke and others, took it to the streets to protest this invasion of a sovereign country. As they marched through the city of West Berlin they chanted:

“Dubćek , Swoboda –
Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh!”

The progressive students of Berlin knew very well that they were addressing the imperialistic politics of BOTH superpowers. They were not letting themselves be instrumentalized as pawns of the cold war. The were neither anti-communist nor anti-american. They were opposed to oppression and war and were in full support of self-determination and freedom, something that neither Superpower had (or has) to offer.

In 1962, in Port Huron Michigan, the organization “Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)” under the leadership of Tom Hayden, generated a statement which called for a democratic and anti-imperialist orientation of politics. Again it was free of a “Cold War” mentality although it was developed during the height of the Cold War. The progressive students of the 60’s refused to subordinate themselves under the polarity of cold war thought.

Meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations and states is the smoking gun of imperialist politics.  Both superpowers continue with this kind of aggressive politics every day..  It blocks the development of free peoples and their fight for self determination.  They are both foes of a free and peaceful world.  They cannot be trusted and must be opposed by an independent democratic and antimilitaristic peace movement.

Ban nuclear weapons everywhere!
Nuclear free zones everywhere!
No warfare anywhere!
Build bridges not walls!


Michael Steltzer
Berlin, May 27, 2017




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