It’s our turn!

It truly is time to stop and oppose the politics of the “Billionaire Class” on the face of this planet. We all know that it is responsible for the continuation of global warming and nuclear threat. But we have no real concept of how to isolate its tentacle like influence from our everyday lives. 

In todays world the billionaire class uses the tools and ideology of neo-liberalism to maintain its power, which I would simply define as free market fundamentalism , i.e. economics which disregard the interests of working people. 

We need to choose and support leaders who represent the interests of working people. So, for example, we need a Democratic Party which is able to draw a clear dividing line between the interests of Main Street and Walk Street. The billionaire class cannot speak on behalf of working people. 

So we need progressive voices within the Democratic Party to replace the voices of neo-liberalism. We need fighters for the interest of working people. It doesn’t matter where you are in this organiization, the choice is actually quite clear. Either you are on the side of working people or you are not. 

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