The Original Terrorists

The Original Terrorists

By Amiri Baraka

The terrorists have been here a long time. The ones who took the slaves
The ones who ran and underbossed
the plantations. Especially those
who made money from them. They still at it.

They never stopped. These old guard terrorists. And they still at it. Still terrorizing.

When slavery was sposed to be ended, they thought up the Klan
The Knights of the white Camelia!

When we was sposed to get reparations
They got Andrew Johnson
a barefoot white man

to stop it. Every time we take a step
these terrorists appear.

They ain’t never gone no where

But you take a step forward they come out!

King spoke,” I have a dream!”

and we paid for it with the four little girls. Blown up in Birmingham.

Before that we won the bus boycott

the terrorists blew up Dr. King’s house.

The real terrorists been with us hundreds of years.
DuBois called it The Sisyphus Syndrome.
You push the rock up the mountain
The terrorists appear and try to roll it back down.

Now Obama get in defeating Cain’s son, the one in the bible live in Arizona where they shot that congresswoman in the head, and now wanna ban Latino studies

these is them Terrorists. Still terrorizing.

That ‘s Goldwater’s state famously backward.
A terrorist. McCain turned tail in Viet Nam
He come back a hero terrorist. Terrorist just the same.

We get clear enough to elect Obama

the terrorists take off they Klan clothes

put on some suits , they the t party, now. TEA

The Evil Assholes, they terrorists & Nazi’s

like always. They do anything to stop America’s getting rid of it’s craziness.

They never let all of us be Americans. They terrorists

And the Republicans they even got negroes

Real Public Coons, they terrorists too

like Tom Ass Clarence & his evil wife

Citizens United , they terrorists, hurt us worse than

the Taliban. GOP, Grand Old Psychopaths.

What Al Queada can’t do the Republicans can

Been doing it in one costume or another

for hundreds of years

Now they so frustrated, they Racist Addiction

coming down on them, Boehner’s nose running,

Got new maniacs to please, old jones coming down, Ted Cruz, a Texas junkie

had a crying jag in Congress, , or the other nut, Ryan

trying to stop you from sending your kids to college

He’s a real mullah for sure

Terrorists took over congress, listen to them

absolute nuts . What the Taliban can’t do

they are doing, close down

the United States government.! Now who

would do that? Think about it. What

the Taliban and Al Quaeda couldn’t do. Terrorists in the congress

locked down the govt because

the black dude there , just as they would in the 19th century

when a blood wanted to vote. We facing the sickness

of terrorists. Been terrorizing all of us

for hundreds of years. When we gonna catch em

and lock ‘em upl These terrorists. Catch em

and lock ‘em up! Then we can cure ourselves,

America, of what has always

Ailed us!

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