Call for Anti-Surveillance Protests in Berlin August 31 and September 7

American Voices Abroad (Berlin) calls for Participation  in Anti-Surveillance Protests in Berlin  pm August 31 and September 7.  The following notice was sent to me by my friend Isabel:

“I’m sure many of you have been following the NSA scandal and its reverberations in Germany. Disturbing as the developments are, on the positive side the debate on surveillance here in Germany has been lively and intelligent, and momentum is building for a widespread privacy movement. Living in Germany, we may be in a good position to make a difference on this issue.

On that note, two protests are coming up in Berlin on August 31 and September 7. I’ve met with the organizers of both protests, who all seem pretty cool, and I will attend both, so anyone who wants to join in is encouraged to get in touch with me Priority is on September 7, though (see below).

The ad hoc network #StopWatchingUs is organizing a march on August 31 (2 p.m. Hermannplatz – 6 p.m. Brandenburg Gate) as part of Germany-wide actions for the International Day of Privacy. Speakers will include ex-MI5 agent and anti-surveillance activist Annie Machon. More info at:

Here’s the English press release – feel free to pass it on:

And the large-scale “Freiheit statt Angst” demo, a privacy/anti-surveillance protest which has been held annually by a broad coalition of parties and privacy groups since 2006, will be held on September 7 (1 p.m. Alexanderplatz, route and programm T. B. A.). More info at, and more details yet to come.

The two groups are cooperating, with the August 31 protest acting as a “warm up” and mobilizing tool for September 7.

Since the September 7 protest promises to be a bigger deal, with people being bussed in from all over Germany, I’d like to prioritize the 7th in terms of getting together an AVA contingent.

Again, drop me a line  if you’re interested, or have any questions about the protests, and if we can mobilize enough people, maybe we can put together something creative. And the protest organizers could certainly use help, so if you’d like to volunteer, I’ll be happy to put you in touch with them, or you can reach them via their websites.

More details – AVA meeting point, etc. – will follow later.

Hope to see you there!


Useful Links

American Voices Abroad Berlin


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