Cashier must do 23 scans per minute!

I went to Krogers in Ann Arbor the other night to do some grocery shopping. There were only two cashiers working at the cash registers, or should I say, scan registers. But there were more than ten self-scan registers for those who did not want the “personal” touch. I decided for the personal touch, because I like to talk to people. The gentleman next to the register and scanning device was part of the older generation with a perfectly cut friendly full grey beard. I maneuvered myself in front of my shopping cart and proceded to empty my groceries on the conveyer belt. I noticed that the cashier did not move the conveyer belt. I had to move myself in order to fill up the belt. I thought perhaps he had forgotten me. So I said: “How are you this evening. You can move the conveyer belt if you like”.
He answered very factually that he would start scanning in the groceries when the belt was full. Otherwise his scan rate would not be as high as desired by the management.
I was curious about this comment and asked what the required scan rate is.
Again he responded very factually and said that he had just started with the company and that his scan rate was around 19.3 scans per minute. He wanted to surpass the desired rate of 23 scans per minute and that was why he first started to process my groceries so that he could scan as fast as possible. At the end of each shift he would be able to see an evaluation of his scan rate. If he wasn’t “up to par”, then he might not be able to continue with his job. it did not seem to make any difference, that this procedure was uncomfortable for me. What also is strange, that the same company still pays for the baggers. I am sure the time will come when these bagger jobs get rationalized out of work and the customer must pack his own bags. That is the way it is all over Europe already. Scan for your life. Were these scanners supposed to work for us, or do we have to work for the scanners. It scares me to see kind of development so close … Scan you too!


2 thoughts on “Cashier must do 23 scans per minute!

  1. 23 is not much, you have to do 30-32 scans per minute at Lidl
    Lidl will be expanding in USA, Aldi is their biggest competitor Europe and they have similar thresholds.

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